You’re Not Too Sensitive, You Love Too Strong

Be grateful, but be aware.

Photo by Miha Arh on Unsplash

I remember being a little girl, and always seeing the beauty in everything. Kids have that sort of gift, really. They don’t have the urge to judge and make decisions on things they don’t know about. They just — love.

Close your eyes and think. Is there someone in your life who sees the best in everyone? Somebody who always sees the bright side? Maybe that someone is you, perhaps? No matter who you may think of, you’re thinking of a lover. A very strong and passionate lover, in-fact.

A lot of the world would consider these people to be gullible, or even naive. Growing up, I was called these things and more. It’s not that anyone ever meant any harm behind it or anything, but I always felt a bit disappointed in myself for it. As a society that sees the bad in everything, I think those who find the light in dark moments should be celebrated.

While being a bit trusting can be a problem at times, there’s so much more to sensitive and loving people. For starters, they are incredibly honest and loyal. They worry about other people more than they worry about themselves, making them quite concerned about other’s well-beings. More than this, they are understanding, and they have an ability to understand emotions that they aren’t even dealing with. Sometimes, that is their exact downfall. They understand others, but others don’t understand them.

For more sensitive and loving individuals, little things can mean the most sometimes. This is another pure and beautiful trait of highly sensitive people. They are happy with gestures, no matter how large or small. They love to feel loved and show love. They are an overall example to humanity on how to be appreciative.

Advice to those who love strong-

If you’d consider yourself highly sensitive, don’t let your heart get the best of you. Some things people will do for you should be done out of respect, and not every sweet thing is done out of the kindness of other people’s hearts. Be grateful, and be aware.

Other’s actions are not a reflection of who you are.

Some people can’t handle the level of love you’re ready to give, and that’s okay. Just because you’re not the perfect piece for their puzzle, doesn’t mean you’re broken in any way. Different people have a different way of processing and going through different emotions. Maybe you feel things a little deeper than they do, and there’s nothing wrong with either. Don’t let someone else’s thunderstorm cancel out your sunshine.

It’s not all on your shoulders.

Being helpful and considerate is a beautiful thing. However, you’re not meant to carry the world’s burdens along with your own. Sometimes it’s not how long you work, but instead how hard you work. You don’t have to plant a whole garden to help one flower bloom. Sometimes giving yourself a break only opens new doors into how you can shape a better tomorrow!

Why you should stay you-

Being as soft and kind as you are isn’t a common thing. It’s a rarity, in fact, and a lot of the world would benefit from following the same practices you do. While being fragile can mean a few more heartbreaks, it also makes you so much more priceless.

You are also motivating people around you to be better. We live in a culture of followers, and if we see people enjoying themselves, we’re likely to do whatever they do to feel the same way. It’s really just the best form of peer-pressure out there. That kindness and spark is igniting fields, so don’t stop because someone can’t understand how bright you shine.

Amateur writer with lots of random thoughts on her mind.

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